Jessica shares her spot at the hayring nicely.  I think she’s digging down for tasty morsels and the sheep are taking advantage.  If the sheep and goats would stay off of the hay, it might all be tasty…



Hanging out in their own mini-flock, this year’s lambs are an adorable united force on the farm.

Garden In A Jar

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If you’re anxious for fresh veggies from either your garden or the farmer’s market, you could consider growing sprouts.  I found sprout seeds when I was cleaning out a kitchen cabinet that we’ve had forever.  I put a tablespoon of them in a pint jar, covered them with the green sprouting lid in the photo (although you could just as easily use a piece of pantyhose and a rubber band) then rinsed and drained them every time I went to our kitchen sink.  Just over a week later, we had crunchy sprouts for salads and sandwiches.

The Barns at Night

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With a bottle baby, we find ourselves out in the barn in full dark to give her the last feeding of the day.  It gives us a chance to have a peek at where everyone beds down for the night.  About half of our sheep and goats share the barn.  The remainder are near (or in) the hayfeeder.  The chickens huddle together on their roost.  This is the one time we can pet each and every one of them.  We have a few that squat down when they see us wanting to be petted, the rest usually run away.  The dogs are on the job.  They greet us at the gate to make sure we’re friends then go back to their posts on opposite sides of the pasture where they can see everything that goes on.  Good dogs.

Sly Smile

Nymeria proves her sister isn’t the only cute kid in the barn.

Get Em Up

Sheep get rounded up for grain on a beautiful snowy morning.  When Jenna was convalescing, we had to do this task ourselves.  Needless to say, there were mornings when a sheep or two missed out on their breakfast.


Summer won’t be this size forever, but for now she loves to be carried around like one of Paris Hilton’s pocketbook dogs.  There are advantages to being raised by humans instead of goats.  You get lots of attention!

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