Messy Eater

Summer gets formula everywhere!  She’s very slobbery when she eats.  It’s probably why feeding time usually attracts the dogs, goats and cow.   Goat formula smells just like baby formula.  I wonder how much difference there is?


What Do Sheep Count?

….when they sleep?

Meet Victoria

Beatrice finally had her lamb, a real cutie!  She was getting pretty rotund.  She had a little ewe, we named her Victoria.  Her offspring, like last year’s Eugenie, are being named after British royalty.  Beatrice’s mom came from another farm and was named 602.  I like our naming convention much better.  🙂

Greenhouse Peas

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It’s time to plant peas in our outdoor beds.  First we need to restring the fishing line that keeps the deer out of our garden.  They got every single pea plant I put in last year before we figured out the fishing line fence magic.  Luckily, we planted peas back in December in our interior greenhouse garden bed.  I’m making cheesy pasta with leeks, mushrooms and peas for dinner tonight.  Yum!

In Training

Jenna shows her lambs who’s boss.   They’re kind of ignoring her because we didn’t give her a command to move them for us… yet.


Always curious about bottle feeding, Milos stops by to sniff the formula and closely watch the proceedings.   Maybe it’s because she gets fed before him.  She cries and jumps and is generally a cute little tripping hazard until she gets her bottle.   She’s taking less and less formula which is good.  It means she’s grazing and eating hay like a big girl.

Goat Milk Soap

Special order from a local gift shop (my first).  I was asked to make some of the goat milk soaps that I sell at the farmer’s market.  I had to milk Hermione to fulfill the order.  The big fuzzy ones are Soap in a Sweater.   For you crafty peeps, they are a core of almond scented goat milk soap wet felted with roving from our sheep and dried off for a few days.  The heart is crafted separately then needlefelted on.  They are crazy labor intensive.  You can read that as expensive.

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