Unbearably Cute

Bottlefeeding a goat is fun!  She comes tearing at me full speed when I enter the pasture.  Thankfully, she spends the rest of her day playing with her sisters.   The only difference between them is where they take their meals.

Can’t Catch a Break

Jenna had surgery on her remaining rear leg on Valentine’s day.  She had a benign skin tumor removed, so she has stitches again.  Poor baby.  It’s certainly not kept her from going for a ride, or from asking to chase her wubba or from her sheep.  As far as Jenna’s concerned, it’s business as usual around here.

The Bodyguard

Watching over the little ones is a job our karakachan Milos takes very seriously.  With the sighting of a coyote in our yard a few weeks back, we’re lucky to have him and his sister.  He also keeps our cow Jessica in line when she tries to be a bully now that she realizes she’s bigger than everyone.  Good boy.

Lamb Ragu

Dinner last night was lamb ragu puttanesca from a friend’s recipe.  It starred shanks, garlic and goat cheese from our farm.  If you’re a fan of lamb, I highly recommend it.  The recipe can be found here – http://www.virginialiving.com/articles/lamb-ragu-puttanesca

Little Lost Lamb

Nellie heard the breakfast call this morning and came running with one of her twins trotting along on little legs.  The other one was left behind in a low part of our pasture with no view of the barn.  She had a fit and cried and cried until Nellie showed up again.  I don’t think she’ll let mom out of her sight again any time soon.

Meet Lexi

Alexis had a lamb a few days ago, a little ewe.  I’ve been chasing them around the pasture trying to get a photo and was finally able to catch her at feeding time.   I think she’s the prettiest one so far which is amazing because her mom is kind of homely (for a sheep).  Alexis had her first ever lamb last year but it died from a birth related trauma so this is kind of new for her.  She’s very attentive, a good mom.

Pine Nuts

Normally, we wait until Easter to finally get rid of our Christmas tree.  Between New Years and Easter it lives on our deck next to the hot tub. With our crazy weather this year, the daffodils are blooming already so it just seemed time to put it out.  The goats go crazy for it and the sheep get right in there.  Jessica even had a nibble.  We used to have a few pines in our pasture, they were the first to go when the goats arrived.

Hello, I’m a Sheep

Nellie escorts her newborn lambs around the pasture to introduce them to everyone.  One of Hermione’s triplets drops by to say ‘hey’.


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Nellie Belle had her babies late yesterday.  Two little ewes.  She was so big we thought she may have had more in there.  The first one presented breech, tail first, so we had to assist.  Our sheep either give birth near dawn or dusk.  I much prefer the early births because it means the temperature is going to get warmer, not colder.  Poor Nellie has so much milk right now she walks funny.  They spent the night at the little barn, we moved them into the big pasture this morning so are now making new friends.  Our cow Jessica greets all the babies with a lick of her black tongue.  I guess it’s her way to say ‘hey’.

The Babysitter

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We had a beautiful day yesterday and got the baby goat out of our living room and into the sun.  We took Jenna out to keep an eye on her.  She did a fantastic job.  Today the baby went out to the barn to be with her sisters.  I’ll still go out and bottle feed her.  She was getting tired of watching the TV, anyways.  😉

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