Me First!

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Hermione and Bellatrix (Bella) are milked twice a day and come running when they see us arrive at the pasture.  Mina will join the milking team this weekend when we drop her twins off at their new home.  They’re old enough to be weaned now so are ready to join Hermione and Bella’s kids at a friend’s place.  The mini herd of kids from our farm will all be together.  Bella usually beats Hermione to the gate and stands there bellowing for me to let her out so she can reach the milking stand across our driveway at the little barn.  If I dilly dally, like when taking a few photos, they engage in a little friendly head butting to determine who’s head honcho (hint… it’s Bella).  They get extra rations of grain and sweet alfalfa on the milking stand, so it’s a treat to be milked.


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