Go For It!

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Garden space is very precious for some folks, especially those who live in apartments.  When I post about our raised beds and greenhouse, lots of folks tell me they are hoping for to have space for a garden ‘someday’.  Actually, someday may be now if you’ve got space for containers.  We’ve got  19 plus acres and always do container gardening on our back deck.  It’s a pleasure to take a cup of coffee out in the morning while watering and checking on how things are coming along.  This morning, I found our first ripe yellow cherry tomatoes and some cucumbers that should be ready to pick in a day or two.  I apparently need to think about making my first batch of dill pickles, too.  We’ve also got zucchini and about ten different varieties of hot peppers.  I didn’t include photos of our blueberries, citrus, lemongrass, ginger and banana tree but they’re all out there in pots as well.  Yes, we have a refrigerator on our deck.  When we bought the property next door it came with a trailer and a brand new fridge.  It’s now our jacuzzi fridge, where we keep liquid refreshments and freeze protein that won’t fit into our other freezers.  Actually, we had a bad storm last weekend and the door to the freezer blew open overnight and our stew beef defrosted.  Gah!  I’m sick to death of beef stew!  Anyway, my husband raided my sewing kit and it’s now got a very secure velcro closure.  But I digress…. it’s early June and there are still vegetable plants in your local nurseries.  And pots.  And potting soil.  If you’re waiting for ‘someday’, consider running out this weekend to start your own garden adventure sooner than later.


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