Inexpensive Invisible Deer Fencing

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Spring is a very popular time for visitors to our farm.  Flowers and trees are in bloom, the weather is delightful and babies are everywhere!  We’ve been fortunate to have our daughters come, a few friends as well as both of my parents.  My Dad takes an annual spring motorcycle trip with buddies through the mountains and my Mom flies up to visit while he’s gone.  This trip, he actually stopped by while she was here.  We had a great visit and put them both to work!  My Mom helped me move peonies from our new annex property and weed and mulch our flower beds.   My Dad helped us with a new fencing project.  I planted peas twice this Spring and the deer ate every one of the plants.  Both times.  I knew we needed to do something to keep them out of our raised beds so I did a little bit of research and came across an invisible fishing line fence.  My Dad pounded T posts about every 10-15 feet around the garden then we strung fishing line in a criss cross pattern between them.  The ‘gateway’ is made of bird netting. The idea is that the deer can’t see the fishing line and walk right into it.  It freaks them out and they run away.  I must say so far so good!  It’s taken us a little bit of time to remember it’s there (duh.. invisible!) and we’ve had no problems with deer in the garden since it’s been up.   My husband pulled an old barbed wire fence off of the annex property so our T posts were free (but usually run just $6 or $7 each new) and the fishing line came from his tackle box.  Now if we can figure out how to keep them out of our orchard!

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