My Candy Jar Quilt

Since retiring, I’ve been on a crafty kick.  I’m active on Craftster and was just appointed as a global moderator last week.  It’s like a volunteer management position in a global crafting community.  I saw a jaw-dropping quilt posted by a member and contacted her to tell her how much I admired it.  Now, I’ve made one of my own!  It’s a combination of piecework and applique (which I’ve never done before).  This is just the quilt top.  I’m going to take it into my quilt shop next month and get their suggestions on how to finish it.  I plan to enter it into the fair this year.

Farmstead Pasta Sauce

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While I was watering in the greenhouse yesterday, I started thinking about what I would make for dinner with the ground beef I had defrosting in my fridge.  I didn’t have hamburger buns and didn’t feel like driving the 20 min. to the grocery store.  I started wondering if I could make something delicious using ONLY ingredients from our farm (the cow is ours) and settled on pasta sauce.  I pulled a leek from a raised bed and got out a can of tomatoes that I had put up last year with garlic and basil.  When I opened the jar, it smelled like summer!  I had dried mushrooms to throw in the sauce and dried garlic to grind my own garlic powder.  The oregano is already coming up in my herb bed, and had some genovese basil plants I started under lights in January.  I pulled a homemade romano cheese from the fridge to bust into and crumbled dried peppers into pepper flakes.  I could have made my own pasta to put it on but geez, this gal stays busy!

The Cleaner

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Jenna loves milking season.  My husband tells me she waits until I’m done milking the goats then sneaks over to the milking stand for a snack.  I usually don’t see this because I do chicken chores after milking then get water to hose off the milk splashes but this morning I changed my routine and caught her in the act.  Sneaky girl!

Out of the Brooder

Those tiny little chicks I bought at Tractor Supply are already teenagers.  They have their big girl feathers so have been moved out of the breeder box into the barn with our other layers.  They still kind of hang together, like monkeys.   They should start laying this Summer, around July.  They’re the Easter Egger breed, Americaunas, so their eggs will be large and colorful.  The brooder is empty again, time to score some turkeys!

You Know You’re a Real Farmer…

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When you find yourself nursing a sick chicken back to health in your guest bathroom.  We have to keep the door closed anyways to keep Bindi out of the toilet.  Now there’s an even bigger reason.  I’m afraid she might scare her to death!


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Jenna is fascinated with Bella’s little black and white buckling.   She watches him with laser focus.  She normally doesn’t pay any attention to the goats at all unless we ask her to help us catch one which is pretty brilliant.  Milos and FiFi showed up late to the photo shoot looking for a dog biscuit…

Future Frogs

Believe it or not, those long stringy brown spaghetti-looking masses in our pond are frog eggs.  Miles of them all along the bank. The white ‘smoke’ in the photo is just a reflection of clouds on the water.  Our frogs have been busy!  It’s nice to hear them again in the evenings and pretty soon we’ll be overtaken by tiny frogs like we are every year.  Spring is truly here.

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