This Year’s Potatoes

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Seed Savers Exchange provided this year’s organic seed potatoes.  Our local customers enjoy ‘different’ potatoes so we purchased three different kinds; All Blue, French Fingerlings and La Ratte.  I was one of two vendors selling La Ratte last year and we both typically sold out within the first two hours.   Planting potatoes is easy and harvesting potatoes is the most fun harvest on the farm.  It’s like a scavenger hunt.  We’ve even grown them in containers on our back deck.  If the seed potatoes are larger than a golf ball, cut them to golf ball size with at least 2-3 eyes on each piece.  Leave them cut surface up in the sun for 24-48 hours then plant them 4 inches deep, eyes facing up.  If you’re interested in trying to grow potatoes, stop by your local Southern States or garden center.  They might not have fancy varieties, but they’ll surely have what grows well in your area.  Start small.  Have fun!


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