You Know You Want Some

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We made the mistake of watching some TV show last weekend on fried chicken.  I couldn’t defrost a chicken fast enough!  I didn’t have buttermilk so I dipped it in regular milk (we’re a 20 minute drive from a grocery store).  If you can, get buttermilk and make biscuits with the leftovers!  I make a coating mixture with flour (a cup of flour will coat a whole chicken), garlic powder, dill, salt, pepper and a dash of cayenne.  I toss that all together in a bag.  Recognize the Target bag?  I put two pieces at a time in the bag with the coating mixture and shake.  These go right into my deep fryer.  That photo is unfortunately a little blurry.  It’s a Fry Daddy that I’ve had for about 20 years, it’s so easy to use.  No temp setting, just plug it in and wait a few minutes for the oil to heat.  It’s ready to go when a droplet of water dropped into the oil sizzles.  The entire chicken can be fried at once, just occasionally turn the pieces with tongs.  We determine doneness by the color.  Doesn’t it look good?  Don’t you want some fried chicken now??  I’m just passing on the craving.

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