Welcome to the Neighborhood

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We purchased two young hens to add to our laying flock from our local poultry supplier.  He used to be the sheriff.  I wanted two more Red Sexlinks like our Honey, who lays year round but he didn’t have any of those available right now.   We decided to go with Rhode Island Reds.  They are supposed to be prolific egg layers, we’ll see how they do.  I still want a few Red Sexlinks so plan to keep my eye out for those and the sheriff says he’ll have heritage breed turkey poults available next Month.  We’ll sell fresh eggs at the farmers market and raise a few 2011 Thanksgiving turkeys.  There’s a market for fresh poultry but nobody around here carries it.  Feed is expensive and processing is a pain but since we plan to raise our own Thanksgiving bird, we might as well get him a few friends.


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