It’s February, Do You Know Where Your Christmas Tree Is?

Ours is out by our hot tub.  We cut our tree down in November, the day the tree farm opened for the season.   We enjoyed it through December with lights and decorations.  It went out on the deck next to the spa in January, where it still smells of pine whenever you touch it.  That is our 5th hot tub if you count the one that was here when we bought the place.  We wear them to death!  The previous owners had one sunk into that very spot on our deck when we first moved here.  We got rid of it and decked over the hole and moved our own up there.  Just the two of us.  It’s amazing what two engineers can do when they set their mind to it.  It’s in our plans to completely redo the deck, maybe this year.  Maybe next.  It runs the entire length of our house and methinks needs an outdoor kitchen and a screened room and a wisteria covered pergola.  A girl can dream!  Anyhoo… we’ll keep our Christmas tree out there as long as it’s enjoyable, as we do every year.  Not bad for a $24 investment now four calendar months ago.

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  1. Lisa J
    Feb 01, 2011 @ 19:37:51

    So, this Sunday when it was 81 degrees (not like the 25 we have today), Jack taught me to drive our lawn tractor that pulls a wagon so that I could independently prune the crape myrtles and other small trees and haul the brush to a pile for burning eventually. We threw our Christmas tree onto the wagon too and hauled it all to the pile that’s in the middle of the pasture where the calves (three that are each about 600 lbs) and horses graze. The silly calves waded into the fresh brush and stripped that tree bare of all it’s needles. I’ll bet you never thought of that for recycling an old Christmas tree. 🙂


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