A Magazine Photoshoot of Our Dinner

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No kidding!  A magazine came to town yesterday to re-create the lamb dinner we hosted earlier this month.  Our food writer dinner guest was doing a feature on our friend the shepherd.   That evening resulted in a request for everyone’s recipes, then a suggestion of re-creating some of the dishes served that evening (mine included) for the article.   The magazine wanted to include shots of the shepherd’s gorgeous farm & flock for the article so the do-over was held at their home.  Thank goodness, because I know I would have been cleaning windows and my refrigerator inside and out, along with scrubbing the rest of the house!  Along with the photographer, they sent an art director, food stylist and a chef.  The chef had prepared our recipes in his kitchen 3.5 hours from here, then they were driven here to be styled for the photoshoot.  It seemed to me they could have photographed the food anywhere because it was just a table but what do I know?  They shot the dessert first so we had dessert first.  It wasn’t from our dinner party but it was delicious.  Not as delicious as the coconut cake we had that evening, just sayin’.  They brought a layered banana pudding with graham cracker crust and a whipped cream topping with home made dulce de leche.  We got to sample some local hard cider that will be featured in the article, too.  It was really interesting to see the entire process.  I was expecting to see them do something like spraying glycerin on the food and arranging chopped parsley with tweezers but it wasn’t nearly that fussy yet still beautiful.  I think I watch too much Food Network!  A few of our depression glass serving pieces were used for the layout, as well as some of my homemade goat cheese.  There’s no telling what all will end up in the magazine, but I’ll post a link here when it’s published.  Should be early March.  I’ll also post my own recipes in the next day or two. It was a beautiful day on a beautiful farm and we got to take home leftovers.  How awesome is that?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tracy
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 07:18:49

    Super super cool! I can’t wait to see the magazine!


  2. Connie
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 07:21:32

    I’ll send you a copy.


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