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  CoCo is an oberhasli swiss dairy goat.  She came to us from a goat dairy earlier this year.  Did you know most dairies will practically give their kids away at one week old?  That’s all the time they are allowed with their moms.   Dairies want the milk, so the kids go to homes that will bottle feed them.   That’s what we did.  You can get powdered kid formula and nipples that will fit on top of a soda bottle at places like Tractor Supply.   She got her bottle every 4 hours, except for over night.  Because of this, she thinks I am her mommy.  Even though she’s long been weaned, every time I come into the pasture, she runs to greet me.  It makes getting a photo of her very challenging…  We have high hopes for good milk production from her down the road and wouldn’t hesitate to get another bottle oberhasli baby.

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  1. Tracy
    Sep 25, 2010 @ 19:00:43

    She is so cute! I hope she stays friendly as she grows up!


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