Who You Gonna Call?

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Evidently, us.  We had a call from our local Farm Service Agency.  Someone was cutting down a tree on their property and discovered it was full of honey bees and could we come get them?   This is our second year for beekeeping.  All of our bees died last winter, so we don’t exactly feel like experts and have never captured a wild hive, or seen it done.  But sure, we’ll take some free bees.   We spent $126 repopulating our two hives this past Spring.  Bees are expensive!  The tree was already down, with bees spilling out of a hole in the trunk.  We started by cutting the tree either side of the hole.  The bees were unbelievably calm, considering a chainsaw was used for this part.  The hole in the tree was much deeper than expected so we continued to make slices in the trunk.  These slices were manageable weight-wise, so we were able to dump the bees from each slice into a large cardboard box.  The homeowner was very excited to think she’d get some honey, but there was very little and the comb was infested with termites (which were probably in the tree before the bees arrived).   We loaded our cardboard box full of bees into the back of our pickup and dropped it off in our bee yard.  I need to run for a few hive supplies today.  We’ll start feeding them sugar water immediately and hope they survive our upcoming winter.  Today we’re officially ‘bee people’.  That’s who you call when you need bees removed and, evidently, we figured out how to do it!

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  1. Tracy
    Sep 24, 2010 @ 06:00:25

    I’m amazed you figured this out and did it. Also amazed the bees didn’t give you much trouble. I guess they have a bad rap.


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