Jenna is our beloved partner in farming.  She LOVES my husband so much it annoys me.  I’m the one who spoils her, but he is her everything.  I guess you can’t help who you love.  She came to use from Annemarie and Vergil Holland.  He wrote the book on herding dogs.  He really did.  Go ahead and google it.  She has a tick-borne illness which keeps her from working too hard.  When she does, she gets really sore.  Luckily, she gets to work sheep every day on our farm, but not too hard because we only have 7 acres in pasture and 10 or so sheep.  She loves working them, and gets really excited when it’s time to go to the pasture.  She stares daggers at us in the morning if we’re dawdling before chores.  They are her sheep and she needs to boss them around.  Where would you like them?  Shall I move them again?  Do you need me to bite them?  Just a nip.   Are you sure?   Positive??


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