And…. Done!

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The deck is ready to rock!  We still have to clear construction debris and the porta potty in our driveway needs to go away.  Because of rain we’ve parked everything under the covered section but it kind of looks like the garden department of a Home Depot in there so I’m looking forward to spreading stuff out when the weather breaks.

Winding Down

GreenhouseReally cold nights are over with here.  We need to move everything in pots out of the greenhouse.  That’s tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.  I harvested our first cucumber this morning and the remainder of the indoor beets.   We have all of our seeds planted in the garden except for pumpkins (too soon) and beans (too lazy).  There’s lots going on right now!


SoybeansWe have two beds planted with two different varieties of soybeans.  I love to blanch them and put them in a lemon garlic dijon dill pasta salad.  They’re pretty good salted in the shell, too.

Almost Done

JohnI won’t miss the construction chaos one bit.  A neighbor saw the porta potty in the driveway and asked if we were planning on staging a concert.  It would be a small concert!  The deck should be finished today, then the fun begins.

So Good


My friend Lora and I share a spot at our local farmer’s market.  I bring lamb and eggs and honey and goats milk soap, she brings really awesomely yummy stuff like this giant chocolate cupcake.  You really should stop by some time.

Day 4

Day 4The deck project is moving along quickly.  They are going to pause until the roof trusses get delivered, that’s supposed to be some time today.  The deck seems big enough to roller skate on.  Short track racing anyone?


Day 2

Day2On day 1, Brian and I pulled up the original decking.  The contractors extended the floor joists out another 12 feet, put roofing support beams in place and started adding new decking.  The far end of the deck was extended another 4 feet.   The slope of the yard precludes it from going out any further.   Awesome progress!

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