17Jack whizzes by on his outrun to gather sheep for their breakfast.  You’ve gotta love a dog with a job.

Best Buds

11These little guys hang out together all the time.   Pretty soon they will be butting heads but for now it’s all ‘what trouble can we get into today?’


Squirrel1 Squirrel2Jack loves to ride in the mule, it gives him a much better view of the squirrels along our driveway.


Coon1For the last few mornings during chicken chores, I’ve found their feeder has been knocked over and is completely empty.  Their barn has some holes in it, and is completely open where the rafters meet the walls so we figured something was making its way in there at night.  We put their feeder inside a lidded metal can and set a trap.  We left a bowl of food in a humane cage hoping to catch whatever is stealing food.  This morning, the cage was still ‘unsprung’ but the bowl of food was empty.  The only evidence of a thief was the mouse droppings left in the food dish.  Hmm… a mouse wouldn’t spring a trap but it also wouldn’t be able to knock a feeder over.  Luckily, our ‘trap’ was a two-parter.  We have a night vision game camera (the Truth Cam) and Brian had set that up in the barn, too.   When we downloaded the video content we got to watch our chickens running around at about 8PM but at 10PM we got some footage of THIS GUY.   Then again around midnight we saw a little army of mice stealing the food from the trap.  Luckily, we have a bigger trap.  It’s going out tonight.  We’re gonna getcha!



Do You Have A Snack, Woman?

20Hermione peers over the pasture gate looking for a treat.  This morning, it was fresh greens from our greenhouse.

A Test Milking

Milk1I decided to test milk Bella, CoCo and Elsie this morning.  It meant separating them from their kids overnight. Their udders were so full I got almost 2 quarts with TONS left for the babes.  I got tired of it before they did, I’m out of practice!  It’s going to be a bit before the gals and I are ready for daily milking.  In the meantime, I’ve got delicious fresh milk in the fridge.  One more milking and I’ve got enough for a small batch of chevre.  Hmmm….


Fleeceless Beatrice

21Even without her fleece, she’s a cutie!  It’s warming up here, and they still have the barn if needed.  I’m sure the sheep are happy to be unburdened with their heavy coats.

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