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My annual goal of growing a pumpkin came true this year, and then some!  I think we started them too soon in early June.  I don’t care.  They make me happy!

Cattle Panel Trellis

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We always have a few of these laying around.  They’re good for temporary stock enclosures and chutes for handling our animals.  This year, we put a few to really good alternate use… as trellises in our garden.  They are 16 feet long, so when bent and fastened between two raised beds, they make the perfect structure for cucumbers and tomatoes to climb on and are plenty tall to walk under.


The post office called at 7AM today to come pick up these cuties.  They were shipped from Ohio two days ago.  They arrived healthy and loud and seem happy to be done with their long journey.

Spiced Honey

Honey from this year’s harvest heated with lemon slices, cinnamon sticks and cloves then processed in a hot water bath.  Can’t wait to try this in a cup of tea!

Bourbon Reds

Our  turkeys are getting big.  We started with four, in hopes of ending up with at least two for the holidays.  So far so good.

A Good Day

Lobster, shrimp and bleu cheese mashed potatoes, fresh berries, champagne and cranberry juice… and that’s breakfast!  Our 25th anniversary was last week.  Happy anniversary to my sweetheart!

A Big Help

Bindi enjoys helping with the laundry.   She’s particularly good at folding.

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