Snorkeling on the Farm

Hermione can’t eat just the top of the hay, she’s mining for tasty morsels.  The hay ring doesn’t keep the goats or sheep out (or evidently our cow, either) but it reduces wasted hay.  I wonder if she’s holding her breath under there?   Her hiney is just begging for a spanking!

A Good Boy

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We spent three years commuting between our place in central North Carolina to the farm on weekends.  During that time, we built the greenhouse and hutch, fenced the pasture, got everything ready for eventually starting our farm.  Less than a week after we moved here full time, we had sheep delivered.  Three of them.  That morning, we drove to Tennessee to pick up two Great Pyrenees (a brother and sister pair) to guard them.  Zeus and Xena came to us from a Tennessee Fainting Goat farm that was downsizing. We put them in the little barn behind a barricade while we waited for the sheep to arrive.  The sheep arrived with a champion herding border collie  in tow.  When our brand new dogs heard those sheep bleating they broke down their barricade, came tearing out of the barn and pinned that dog under the shepherd’s pickup truck.  What flashed in my brain at that instant was great, we’ve owned these dogs for like an hour and they’ve just killed some famous dog – I wonder what that’s going to cost us.  Thankfully, he was OK.  It marked a very exciting start to our farming adventure!   Zeus passed away this weekend.  He was a beautiful, sweet, friendly good boy who knew his job and did it well.  Rest in peace, Zeus.  You will be missed.


Red Roosters

Cranberry orange vodka slushies, aka Red Roosters, are a staple in our house this time of year.  They’re super simple, just three ingredients:

A bottle of Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail (cheap store brands just don’t work for this, I think they probably have a lot of water in them)

Frozen orange juice concentrate (the large one, they come in two sizes)


Grab a container with a lid that’s freezer safe.  I always use some sort of plastic for this recipe, like Tupperware.  Dump in the entire container of cranberry juice into your container then add the frozen OJ concentrate.  You may want to let it sit at room temp for about 30 minutes, that will help with mixing the OJ in.  Depending on how strong you want it, fill the emptied frozen OJ can from 1/2 to completely full with vodka.  Mix everything together well then put a lid on it and  pop it in the freezer for overnight.  The next day, scoop it into glasses and serve it with a spoon.  The alcohol keeps the juice from freezing solid.  It comes out like shaved ice and is super yummy.


Still Laying

Chickens usually take a break over the Winter from laying eggs.  They slow down as the days grow shorter.  Last year we had only one hen continue to lay through the cold months.  I actually had to purchase a half dozen eggs for baking last year.  This year, not so much.  That’s Cranberry’s giant green egg (go Cranberry!).  I’ve got goat cheese in the fridge and spinach in the greenhouse.  Think I’ll make omelets for breakfast.

Winter Coats

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I was hanging out with the sheep this morning, trying to get them to pose for me in their winter wool coats.  Milos decided he needed to be part of  the fashion show, parked himself right between me and Beatrice.  He’s such a camera hog. Yes your coat is beautiful too, Milos.  Even if it’s a bit slobbery.

Wubba Approved!

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Jenna had her stitches out last night and her vet gave her the go ahead for full activity.  We’ve been walking her out to our mailbox and back, about a mile round trip, and she’s been carrying her wubba hoping someone will throw it for her.  This morning someone did.  She also had an opportunity to help gather up the sheep for their morning feeding.  The other night she got out of her kennel at around 3AM, pooped on the dining room rug, ate the cat’s food, dumped over the trash in the kitchen then came to our door to let us know what all she did.  Girls’ feeling pretty good!  Speaking of…so am I.  A mere three months after my accident the only thing that’s still bothering me is kicking (either leg).  Good thing there are no mean roosters around!

My $5 Quilt

December’s block is a Martha Washington star.  I’m proud to say I turned in every month’s block on time so got all 12 for just $5, so yay for meeting that goal.  Now my 2012 project is to turn these blocks into a quilt!  That will cost considerably more than $5.

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