A Slacker No More

Helen’s one of our original herd, a nubian dairy goat.  A few years ago she had a lovely little doe (my best milker Hermione) then nothing since.  We considered getting rid of her but she sure looks pregnant now.  Finally!  So do Mina, Bella and Hermione.  We’ll be swimming in milk next Summer.  🙂

I See You

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This is just one family of deer who reside on our property, they sleep in our front yard.  Several of our neighbors (with acres of their own) have asked for permission to hunt on our property, despite the fact we’ve got livestock and guardian dogs here.  The answer is hell no.  Spread the word.

What The Devil Are You Looking At, Bindi?

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Jenna’s food and water bowls are on the back deck.  She didn’t feel well yesterday so didn’t finish her dinner.  We forgot to bring her bowl inside, so, when our cat Bindi started freaking out about something outside the first thing I thought of was there’s something in Jenna’s food and there was!  It ran off as soon as it saw the flash. Kinda cute, eh?

Snuggle Buddies

  Temperatures are dropping both outside and inside, so Bindi is spending more and more time with Jenna.  She’d rather be snuggling with Brian on the couch under his sweatshirt but he kind of has things to do.  Jenna, bless her, doesn’t mind the intrusion.  Bindi totally dominates her but I think she enjoys the company and is gracious about having guests in her kennel.

Christmas Cookie Master Class

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My friend Lora made gingerbread cookies for today’s mistletoe market which runs right before our small town’s Christmas parade.  She told me she enjoys the decorating but finds it tedious so I went over to keep her company.  It was amazing watching a master decorator at work.  It was so sad (not) when one broke… they’re as delicious as they are beautiful!

Greenhouse Peppers

December is here, and so are blazing hot peppers!  Since we moved out pepper plants to the greenhouse a few months ago, they have been going gangbusters!  These are Habanero, Carribean Red Habanero, Joe’s Long, Joe’s Round, Thai Hot and Ghost.  I’ve got these in the dehydrator for hot pepper flakes.  Ghost peppers sell locally for $5 apiece, and seeds (for propagation) sell for $1 each online.  We eat ours!

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