This Year’s Lambs

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It’s hard to believe our lambs were born just a few months ago.  There’s one little one we’re still able to catch and annoy pet.

Double Occupancy

Nugget, our little Sebring banty chicken gave us about a half dozen eggs this year then stopped laying.  She didn’t, however, stop sitting.  She parks herself in our kitty litter/laying box and refuses to move… even when someone who actually is contributing to my egg carton shows up.  As soon as Columbia, one of our Rhode Island Reds lays her giant brown egg, Nugget will settle in on it and wait for it to hatch.  Since we kicked our mean roosters out of the barn, that won’t be happening.  I’ve found her on as many as four eggs.  When the Americaunas start laying, she’ll have to flatten herself out even bigger to keep them all warm until we can gather them.

Mama’s Little Helper

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Jenna helped us dig fingerling potatoes in the garden this morning.  This is also known as napping under foot/getting in the way.  🙂

False Advertising

Purchased as females, three of the eight chicks we purchased in February ended up being roosters.   Boo!  We kicked them out of the hen house when we discovered one of our hens hiding and almost pecked to death.  We dressed her wounds and gave her a shot of penicillin (we guessed on the dosage!) and she’s doing much better.  They free range, but never far from the ladies.  We hear roosters in the distance from a neighbor’s farm and now have our own crowing here at home.  For now…

Our Jenna

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Our Jenna  lives to boss around our sheep.  And chase her wubba.  And ride in the Mule.  I give her treats and let her out in the morning and invite her to ride in the Mule instead of running behind it.  I love her and she loves my husband.   It’s like he makes the moon rise.  She watches his every move, greets him with a toy, and gives him her very best behavior.  sigh.   No fair!

Ghost Peppers

Certified by the Guinness World Records organization in 2007 as the hottest pepper in the world, the Bhut Jolokia (aka Ghost Pepper) rates at 1,067,286 units on the Scoville scale.  It has since been replaced as the world’s hottest, but let me tell you I wouldn’t want to try anything hotter!  We received a seed last July to grow our own.  That is very late in the season for starting peppers but gave it a try anyways.  The seed ‘took’ and we overwintered the plant under lights in our dining room.  It has taken off like crazy!  I’ve only used a few so far, in jars of homemade dill pickles to add some heat.  I bet those are gonna be amazing.  I plan to dry them for pepper flakes, freeze a few and save some seeds for next year.  I’ve pickled peppers before and we usually don’t end up eating them so don’t want to do that.  Any other suggestions?

A Pretty Jar

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Yesterday’s garden haul included french fingerling potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, some green beans and assorted baby carrots.  We finally collected enough beans to serve, they’re just getting started.  I steamed and drained them then added a pat of butter, salt, pepper, hot pepper flakes and a sprinkle of romano cheese.  Yum!  The carrots were crying out to be pickled for the winter.  Doesn’t it make a pretty jar?  I thought those potatoes were going to be the last I ever harvested because when I was digging them, I also dug up a snake.  With a hand trowel!  O.M.G.!  They absolutely terrify me.  My sweetheart husband actually found and dispatched the serpent.  My hero!

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