We harvested all of our potatoes a few weeks back and spent the afternoon plowing our potato patch to ready it for next year.  Our potato patch is only about 10 by 25 feet.  We bought a used tractor earlier this year and it’s huge.  As we were running our cultivator back over and over our tiny potato patch, I told my husband that the ‘real’ farmers who live all around us would laugh themselves silly at us with our giant tractor working the tiny plot of land.  Despite all of our effort, we evidently left a potato or two in the ground as there are a few plants coming up.  We’ll just leave them to see what happens over the winter, or maybe dig them up and replant them inside the greenhouse as an experiment.  We’ve got a new raised bed in there.  It’s empty right now, begging for some dirt and some seeds and plants for overwintered vegetables.  Gotta add that to the list…

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