Mousetrap Crime Scene

Mouse1 Mouse2 Mouse3Here’s what I made my son in law for Christmas… because I’m awesome.  🙂  It was made with HO 1:87 scale train people.  It’s amazing what kind of figures you can find once you put your mind to searching.  They have an entire Fun Fair line that’s discontinued, dang it.  I did snag a few Fun Fair spectators on ebay and have had a ton of fun placing them in peril.


Vincent Price’s Living Room

VP1Here’s a tiny diorama I recently finished.  It’s set inside an Altoid mint tin.   There’s popcorn sitting beside a chair made of wire, there’s a ‘tingler’ lurking underneath.  I love the spooky night outside the window!


Make A Wish Necklace

Here’s a cute little necklace I made with a tiny glass jar full of dandelion fluff.  I’ve had the ‘wish’ charm for a long time, this seemed like the perfect use for it.  If you’re interested, the tiny bottles can be ordered from Alpha Stamps and I’ve also seen them in the jewelry section of  Hobby Lobby.

A Different Kind of Valentine

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Valentines Day is just around the corner.  I normally post our adventures in hobby farming but couldn’t resist sharing these little cuties.  They’re matchbox valentines.  I covered empty matchboxes inside and out with scrapbook paper and embellished them with a stamped polymer clay heart and a sparkly doo dad.  They’re filled with pink and white M&Ms.  They were inspired by a Martha Stewart holiday kid’s craft.  I’m a big kid.

My Candy Jar Quilt

Since retiring, I’ve been on a crafty kick.  I’m active on Craftster and was just appointed as a global moderator last week.  It’s like a volunteer management position in a global crafting community.  I saw a jaw-dropping quilt posted by a member and contacted her to tell her how much I admired it.  Now, I’ve made one of my own!  It’s a combination of piecework and applique (which I’ve never done before).  This is just the quilt top.  I’m going to take it into my quilt shop next month and get their suggestions on how to finish it.  I plan to enter it into the fair this year.

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