Deer Fence

FenceThe garden improvements are done for the season.  The weed barrier is down on the paths and the 7 foot deer fence is installed.  I really like how it’s not obnoxious looking.  Now if the garden would only weed itself…  We’ve harvested our first cucumber, a handful of new potatoes and the peas are almost ready to pick.

A Little Bit Of Pretty

Flowers2 Flowers1We spend so much time and effort with the things on the farm that feed us, there is precious little effort spent on decorative things.  The flower beds around our house are a jungle of herbs, perennials and a really good variety of weeds.  I planted a few petunias, herb plants and flower seeds in pots this year and am finding them lovely to have around.

Pea Flowers

PeaseWe got a late start with planting peas this year, but our plants look super healthy.  We’ll have peas before we know it.

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