Our First Lamb Of The Season

MayaWe have an early start on lambing this year.   It’s usually a goat who goes first (and we have a couple of goats who look like they’re about to explode!)  This little ram is a cutie.  I’ll try to get a close-up photo in a day or two if mama will let me.

Never Fun

HoovesGiving vaccinations and hoof trimming is hard work!  We came up with a genius plan to herd everyone into the tractor bay of our big barn and move them one by one into the adjacent feed room for health checks.  From there, they were passed through into the large section of the barn.  Normally we do this in their feeding pen and have to  mark each one when done to make sure we don’t double up on anything.  It was warm, well lit and cozy in the feed room, with shelves to keep our gear on.   A good solution.

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