Al Fresco Dining

1The best place to have dinner and a movie is on our back deck.  We’ve had a few mild December days which make it possible.  During warmer days, we enjoy fireflies coming through.  Last night, it was a possum that strolled through.  What?  I don’t think they have very good eyesight but they can surely hear?!  Maybe it smelled our dinner and wanted us to share.

Grow Your Own

3We cut our Christmas tree down from our back yard this year.  We planted 50 seedlings when we first moved here.  Only a handful survived, and this is the last one.  Despite obviously not being tree farmers, we’re considering planting more.  Maybe we’ll even water the next batch.  🙂


Deer1A deer tried hiding behind our replacement weeping willow tree and was almost successful at being undetectable.  Until he stepped out and started eating it.  We lost our first one to a beaver, I’m not ready to lose another!


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