Happy New Year

Here are our farm goals for 2011.

1. Grow ghost peppers.  They are the hottest peppers on the planet.  We started way late last year with two seeds (!) and have a plant with a few blossoms that we’re babying in the dining room.  Need to make this happen in 2011.

2. Continue to improve our soil.  This will probably mean a huge expensive compost delivery this Spring, but will pay off in the long run with better yields.

3. More raised beds.  Both inside the greenhouse and out.  My husband gave me permission to add this one cuz he’s the builder in the family.

4. Grow a pumpkin.  Just one.  I’m not greedy.  I try and fail every year.  The conventional farmers that bring monster pumpkins to the farmers market use a very nasty bug spray.  I am thinking about getting a license to use it (far far away from our ‘organic’ garden) just to have the satisfaction of growing one myself.

5. Eat an apple from our trees.  We had two apples in our “orchard” last year.  The deer got one and the other one fell on the ground.  I made a pomander out of it.  No need to waste.

6. Pave the driveway.  We’ve been ‘on the list’ for months now.  Maybe we’ll make it to the top this year?

7. More sheep less goats.  I’ll never be able to sell my cheese so we only need enough milkers to keep ourselves in chevre.  Unless we want to get another oberhasli goat.  I’m just sayin…

8. Kitty.  This may happen sooner than later.  I miss having a cat around.

9. A new deck?  It’s gonna happen, the only question is when.  We have all kinds of fancy general ideas about what we want and will build it ourselves.  We just need to finalize our plans and to find the time to do it.

Happy new year!



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