Cider Tasting

CiderWe had the pleasure of participating in a blind sparkling hard cider tasting carried out on our back deck.  What we learned is that Virginia cider reigns supreme, absolutely no surprise to us.   If you can find Foggy Ridge Cider at your local wine purveyor, we highly recommend it.

Ghost Puppy

Ghost DogLizzie is so rambunctious and full of energy, she’s hard to photograph.  Here’s the best of the most recent batch.  :-D

Wonky Lap Quilt

Ghastly1This is my first go at a wonky quilt.  The fabric is from the Alexander Henry Ghastlies collection.  Ghastly2 The entire line is a lot of fun, they even have a Christmas edition.  I think I  need some more in my fabric stash.

On Patrol

Lizzie BarkingLizzie found her big girl voice and is using here it to warn off a flock of turkey buzzards.  We’ve also seen her barking at that little fox that’s been hanging around.  Good girl.

Deer Were Here

Pumpkins GoneThey figured out how to jump over our garden fence.  Here’s what’s left of our pumpkin patch.  The only thing left in our outdoor raised beds are hot peppers, but thankfully we’ve still got tomatoes in the greenhouse.  We start our annual gardening process in January with planting seeds under lights, so maybe 9 months of fussing with stuff is enough.  It will be nice to have a break from daily watering but we still need to clean up all the beds, clean out the empty clay pots, plow the potato patch, get more greenhouse flooring to kill weeds between beds, bring in the tomato cages, supplement indoor and outdoor beds with compost from our barns, order garlic and plant spinach, carrots and lettuce.    All in the next four weeks.


BunnyThis cute little guy hangs out by our back deck and doesn’t seem afraid of us or Jack, who delights in looking for him every morning.  He’s cute, but he and his friends may be responsible for destroying our bush beans before we could harvest them.  All of them.   This is the second year we’ve lost them to critters.  I think we’re done trying.


L1One of the awesome things I scored at the event last weekend (besides a new cowboy hat) was sourdough starter from the owner of La Farm Cary, my favorite bakery in the world.  I wrote ‘Connie’s Pet’ on the container and hid it so folks wouldn’t mistake it for trash and toss it.  Oh yeah… the front of the container says ‘Do not touch under penalty of death’.  :-) I’ve been feeding it every day and am anxious to bake some sourdough bread!

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