Lambs1A few of our 2015 lambs, waiting for their mamas to finish breakfast in the feeding pen.

Potatoes Are In

plowingWe have our potato patch planted, and I expect to spend this afternoon in the greenhouse.  We have a nice long stretch of warm weather on the way here.  Gotta get busy!

Some Assembly Required

FramesWe’ve had bees on order since December and need new hive frames on hand for when we pick them up next week.  I purchased these from a local guy who deals in bee supplies.  We really need to get busy with nails and wood glue!


HelloBrian introducing one of our kids to Lizzie, who will be moved into the big pasture again once we’re done lambing and kidding.  She’s very excited about that!

Bella’s Kids

KidsBella had twin does on St. Patrick’s Day.  I’ve named them Shannon and Molly.  They have a tendency to nap a lot.  I’ve seen them fall asleep out in the pasture while mom is grazing then she loses track of their whereabouts and gets frantic.  She’s come running to me a few times to get help finding them.  She’s a good mom.

Just Passing Through

DucksMallards enjoying a respite on our pond.  Since it’s a male/female pair, I’d love them to stick around and raise ducklings!  The frogs have awoken and started singing constantly down by the pond.  It won’t belong before our entire property is covered in teeny tiny frogs.

Play Time

6Our pink-eared lamb getting to know a pasture-mate.  He’s got wool and will need to be shorn one day, the other one doesn’t and won’t.  The lambs hang together in a feisty little gang all day long.  I imagine they sleep with their mamas but am not entirely sure.  I hope they sneak off together and play practical jokes on the goats at night.  :-)

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