BunnyThis cute little guy hangs out by our back deck and doesn’t seem afraid of us or Jack, who delights in looking for him every morning.  He’s cute, but he and his friends may be responsible for destroying our bush beans before we could harvest them.  All of them.   This is the second year we’ve lost them to critters.  I think we’re done trying.


L1One of the awesome things I scored at the event last weekend (besides a new cowboy hat) was sourdough starter from the owner of La Farm Cary, my favorite bakery in the world.  I wrote ‘Connie’s Pet’ on the container and hid it so folks wouldn’t mistake it for trash and toss it.  Oh yeah… the front of the container says ‘Do not touch under penalty of death’.  :-) I’ve been feeding it every day and am anxious to bake some sourdough bread!

Another Amazing Weekend

L2 L10 L9 L8 L7 L6 L5 L4 L3This past weekend was the fifth annual Lambstock event on our friend Craig’s farm.  Three days and nights of the most amazing food prepared by the most amazing chefs who ever camped out in a sheep pasture.  It rained the entire event but there were tents to keep us dry and cowboy cauldrons (and wine) to keep us warm.

Swimming In Tomatoes

Tomatoes Picked Tomato SaladIt’s such a good problem to have!  They are starting to wind down now but we’re not tired of them yet.  The cherry tomatoes get oven roasted and frozen, at least one pan a day.  We’ll have a taste of summer in the dog days of winter.

Special Delivery

ShedBrian has a spot for his tools now!  We ordered a shed to match our house and put it where we had the bradford pear trees removed from the top of our driveway.   He gets to decide where the workbench and shelves will go now, a fun problem to have.  He also gets to add steps and lattice.  Not so fun.  I think it needs windowboxes full of flowers, don’t you?  :-)


WatermelonWe have two of them.  This is our first year for trying watermelon, fingers crossed!

Happy Halloween

PumpkinGeez, I thought I planted those pumpkin seeds at the right time.  I think this is the only one we’ll get this year.   At least it’s cute.  My annual gardening objective is to grow a pumpkin for Halloween.  Just one, I’m not greedy.  We normally don’t even get one so there’s that.  It’s in a dark corner of our spare refrigerator… hope it lasts!

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