In The Garden

Garden1 Garden2 Garden3The pickling cucumbers are still going strong.  I think I’ll have 20 quarts of dill pickles by the time the season is over, plus lots of dill slices and relish.  The pimentos have gone from green to yellow.  Red and harvest is next.  Tomatoes are just starting to ripen and boy are they good!

Twice My Height

SunflowersI put a few sunflower seeds right at the rear of our garden on the edge of a raised bed.  They are seriously twice as tall as I am and are still growing.  They even dwarf our greenhouse. I hope we’re able to see the flowers when they bloom.

Back In Business

HoneyWe spent the morning harvesting honey from our one remaining hive.  It’s doing so well, Brian split it into two as he was pulling frames.  It’s been just three months since we purchased our bees, they’ve been busy!  Our sourwood trees are just starting to bloom, we’re hoping for another harvest before the summer is over.

New Neighbors

Dove3The dove eggs in our back deck eaves are hatching.

Picking Today

HarvestThe first of our potatoes, the last of our carrots a lovely squash and gotta get cranking on making dill pickles!

Before And After

full emptyIt takes about 20 minutes to milk a goat, I’m getting about a half gallon every morning.  When we don’t need milk for the kitchen, it goes to Lizzy.  Let me tell you, I have a strong handshake!

When The Planets Align

LobsterHere’s what happens… Brian meets some work friends in Raleigh for lunch and brings back sourdough bread from the best bakery on the east coast.  I am gifted some fresh salad greens that morning at the farmer’s market.  A friend calls en route back from Atlanta with a cooler of gorgeous lobsters in his back seat and wants to know if he can bring them to our place for dinner. We have a lovely bottle of viognier in the fridge that we first discovered on the Queen Mary 2.  Life is good.

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