Hey Lady

ChickensOur hens excitedly greet me at the barn door every morning, wanting to see if I brought them any kitchen scraps.  I’m such a rock star in chicken land!   It’s hard to believe most of them were tiny chicks just a few months ago.

Big Girl

Lizzie FoodI was able to photograph Lizzie eating, thus standing still for a change.   I think she has about 20 pounds on Jack now, and is probably only half of her full adult weight.  She slobbers all over us when we go to feed her which means overalls only for chores.  She’s still adorable.


FallIt’s really pretty here, my favorite time of year.  The trees across our pond are showing off.  We’re expecting snowflakes on Saturday, which would be amazing this early.

Birthday Breakfast

CroissantHappy birthday to my sweetheart husband!  Breakfast request was egg and cheese croissant sandwich with Benton’s bacon.   Dinner tonight will consist of lobster, crab cakes and caesar salad with a chocolate and caramel dipped apple for dessert.  Birthdays are delicious.

Just One More

Sea1Sea4Sea5Sea3SkySeaThe luggage is stowed away and we’ve started winterizing our garden.  I guess vacation is really over.  *sigh*  I’ve gone through all of our photos and here are my favorite views, all but one is from our balcony.  The ocean is beautiful.


BrugesFrance1England1GuardFranceEnglandFour of our 19 days of vacation were actually spent on solid ground.  We visited Bruges, Normandy, Southampton and Windsor Castle.  Our visit to Southampton included a trip to the SeaCity Museum which has a huge exhibit dedicated to the Titanic, which sailed from there.  The second to the last photo shows the crowd that came to see us off in Cherbourg, France.  Our tour guide said the local radio programs were covering our arrival in minute detail.  Folks on the QM2 are having dinner right now!  The last photo shows the crowd that came to see us off in Southampton.  LOL!

Vacation Food

Food1Food4Food3Food2Food5ChocolateGalleyFood aboard the Queen Mary 2 is amazing.  We didn’t take our camera to dinner every evening but caught a few courses.  Can you tell we were impressed by the desserts?  I had my first baked alaska ever.  I think I have a cookbook from the 1970’s with the recipe and may have to make it over the holidays this year.  The last two photos are from a galley kitchen tour that was so interesting we attended it both times it was offered.  The ship carries 2600 passengers and almost always sails completely full so there are a lot of meals to prepare.  They do a wonderful job.

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