Summer Days

FlyBrian is out fishing from our dock while I’m in the kitchen canning dill pickles and cherry amaretto jam.  A typical summer day.

Unusual For Us

ZucchiniWe try growing zucchini every year with no success.  We grow without chemical pesticides so some dang bug always gets to them.  We evidently fooled them this year because we’ve just started harvesting squash along with our daily haul of cucumbers.

Happy Fourth of July

PotatoesFrom Missing Willow Farm.

Just The Start

PicklesOur cucumbers are making their way from the garden into jars, with garlic, dill, hot pepper, mustard seeds and pickling spices.  They’re ready to be stored away for picnics, hamburgers, hot dogs (and our daughters who love them).


21ShallotsWe grew a half bed of shallots this season.  They yielded so well that we’ve got enough to save and plant next year.

Positively Gourmet

Smore1 Smore2 Smore3 Smore4We spent our weekend roasting lamb at a music and food festival with a friend.  The event actually started Friday evening with a s’mores party for the festival crowd.   They had several firepits going down by the lake beach.  Besides the traditional bagged marshmallows, Hershey chocolate and graham crackers, the pastry chef baked cookies, made assorted chocolate melts and three kinds of marshmallows.  I’m so going to try this at home some day!

We Like Our Privacy

Keep OutPeople still occasionally drive up our driveway or hop the locked fence to see what’s behind the gate and the keep out signs.   It’s pretty obvious that 1. it’s someone’s home and 2. no, you’re not welcome to come snoop.  We had someone selling meat stop by yesterday.  Did you not see the pasture full of animals and the no trespassing sign?   If you’re making a delivery or have been invited, come on.  Otherwise, not so much.  I think we need one of those “Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot twice” signs.

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