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12We’ve been both visiting with my folks and getting away from the farm for our annual vacation.  They are the BEST farm sitters!  We have a lot going on around here between the sheep, goats, chickens, chicks, dogs, cat, microgreens and garden.  Oh, and we’re going to look at puppies this weekend.  Puppies!!!


Chick1They’re cute.  They’re loud.  They’re here.  We moved the brooder from the big barn to the chicken barn, which is now maximum security fortressed from predators.

Shearing Day

Shear BeaBeatrice during her annual ordeal.  She, once again, was the worse one of them all.   She’s spoiled and has no desire to be manhandled.


11Lambs in the morning sun.


CarrotsWe sampled these at dinner last night and they were crunchy, sweet and delicious!  We also have kohlrabi, spinach, cilantro and a little buttercrunch lettuce ready to harvest.  It’s time to plant more carrots and some other cool winter veggies in the raised beds.  The potatoes are already in and mulched over.  So many potatoes…

Tis The Season

Tractor PlowPlowing of our tiny potato patch is complete.  Gardening season has officially begun.

Al Fresco Dining

DinnerOur outdoor TV has been hung for the season, the cauldron is lit and dinner is served.  We actually watched the season finale of  Walking Dead from our hot tub on Sunday.  :-)

Swishy Tail

10It’s how you tell if a lamb is getting milk when it nurses.  The tail swishes back and forth like crazy.

Calvin is the largest lamb we have, and the youngest.  Beatrice sure does grow them big.

Kind Of Fun


Our microgreens are going to be served tonight at a James Beard Celebrity Chef dinner.   They are using our logo on the website.

Last Hurrah

9We’ve just had four beautiful inches of snow here.  It should be the last snow of the season, we have a gorgeous weather outlook in our forecast.  The outdoor TV will go back up on the back deck tomorrow, and outdoor dining season will officially begin.  I think we’re all set.

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