Summer won’t be this size forever, but for now she loves to be carried around like one of Paris Hilton’s pocketbook dogs.  There are advantages to being raised by humans instead of goats.  You get lots of attention!

A Dingo Ate My Baby!

Here’s our newest addition.  This lamb’s mama is probably the best in our flock.  After every baby is born on our farm, we dip their navels in an iodine solution to help sanitize and keep germs at bay.  That process obviously requires catching the lamb.  When we grabbed her, mama freaked out because she couldn’t see her on the ground any more.  She immediately decided our border collie had taken her (an obvious conclusion if you’re a sheep) and charged her.  Repeatedly.  We gave Jenna permission to protect herself.  That command is called ‘GET IT!’  Lots of ramming (the ewe), lots of nipping (Jenna) and lots of screaming (me!).  Jenna’s only got three legs now and can’t turn on a dime any more.  We shoved the lamb in the ewe’s face and they trotted off in the rain.  We had considered putting them in the barn for the day but decided mama knew what was best.  Jenna seemed exhilarated by the experience.  What could be better than getting permission to nip a sheep??

Zombie Apocalypse Countdown Calendar

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It started as an advent calendar, but I don’t really have much Christmas paper stash and had a set of really cool zombie photo booth images…  There are 24 drawers for treats – gummy candy brains anyone?   The night sky was painted black then covered with black glitter glue.  The moon glows in the dark (because everything’s better if it glows in the dark!)

As Promised

Here’s a picture of the little ewe we helped birth a few days ago.  Could she be any cuter??  The mom was a little shell shocked afterwards.  I was worried at first that I’d have another bottle baby on my hands but after being penned together in the barn, she’s realized this is her baby and has figured out how to care for her.  They’re doing very well.

Chick Magnet

Lambs and kids gravitate to Milos, these three little girls like to be near him.   They seem to know he’s their protector even though we’ve got such good fences that nothing harmful has never gotten in, thankfully.

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